Can't blog? It's probably the theme

DIY Theme

I find blogging hard. But you have to do it, they say. You have to build an online presence otherwise no body will ever hire you. Ok fine.

Peer pressure aside, I’ve found blogs to be a much better at explaining technical matters than most textbooks out there. After ditching several prior incarnations of my blog, I’ve finally set my intentions on keeping this one going for a while.

I felt a general level of dissatisfaction with the prior versions. I think it mainly stemmed from my dissatisfaction the theme design. Also no ikea effect

So I ended building my own. My main inspiration on this endeavour as been the excellent blog. It is really quite the work of art. Sorg is MITed and so is this theme, which I’m calling ghetto sorg.

Now you can do it too!

For whatever reason if you would like you use this theme, it is available here.